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  • At the heart of gender equality lies the right to power over one’s self and one’s future.
  • At the heart of the calls for structural change lies the need for a more power balanced and equal world.
  • At the heart of global movements for progress lies the power of many, the power of people, the power of change.
  • Empowerment of girls and women benefits everyone; it can transform lives, change the world and power real, sustainable progress.

The conference will look at the different issues affecting women’s lives and will hone in on solutions and drive action in girls’ and women’s health – including maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights – education, environment, political participation, economic empowerment, human rights, gender based violence, and access to resources.


Empower: The event will highlight transformative women championing important issues on the political and policy agenda and driving business growth and societal change.

Inform: An interdisciplinary gathering where government decision makers will convene with the industry, research and science, economic, society and academic leaders whose insights will unlock the challenges ahead.

Connect: Join the Women Rule community from across sectors, and meet the women shaping the world from behind the scenes at the center of the political, business and intellectual stage.