Secretary Message

Secretary Message

Dr. Padmini Prasad,

Secretary Organizing Committee
VIII World Congress on Women - 2024

Message from Secretary Organizing Committee
Women empowerment is the way to country’s development

Women empowerment is a way to a country’s development. Empowerment is the process that creates power in individuals over their own lives, society, and in their communities. A woman’s empowerment is achieved through health, nutrition, education, employment, economic independence, decision making, and co-operation from her family members. Women may have to face so many hurdles, may have to make many sacrifices, may have to work against all odds to reach their goal and make a mark in the society. We have empowered women and achievers in all fields, viz, health, politics, economics, media technology, rocket launching, science and technology and business. They are all a big source of inspiration for others. In the field of health, sexual and reproductive health and rights are very essential for their empowerment. Sexual and reproductive health is part of "Quality of life" for the woman. It leads to Health, Harmony and Happiness for the woman and her family. Women’s sexuality has evolved into what it is today, through many researches, discoveries, experiments and writings of many activists. They have changed the view of what is considered morally right or normal. Today’s woman is an educated, employed and thinking person. In the land of "Kamasutra", Vatsyayana has written about the dignity and respect attached to female sexuality. It was never a taboo but was a part of life. Today we are seeing the ugly side of sexuality in the form of rape, sexual harassment, risky sexual behaviours, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, etc. We have to empower women through age appropriate, culture appropriate and value based sexuality education. We have to create in her proper awareness in the field of Sexual and reproductive health.